What’s the best destination for a staycation in the UK?

With any sort of overseas travel looking a bit problematic for the foreseeable future, if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a bit of a mini-break then a staycation in the UK could be the answer.

What is a Staycation?

It’s a bit of a made-up word, but essentially a staycation refers to a vacation that isn’t too far away from your home. While it is tempting to put the tent up in your lounge-room and call it a day, there are lots of interesting destinations across the UK that are relatively easy to get to and could deliver the family holiday that you’re needing.

How do I book a staycation?

Figuring out your accommodation is always a good starting point. Wherever you’re thinking of going to the UK, renting a holiday cottage is a great way to give you that home-away-from-home kind of feeling.

There’s a heap of holiday cottages available for rent, but there’s also a lot of demand - it’s worth planning ahead to make sure you’ve got some quality options to choose from.

Where should I book a staycation in the UK?

It’s easiest if you start to narrow your search by the different regions across the UK. That could be as specific as the Lake District, or the Cotswolds, or it could be a bit more general such as Cornwall, Wales, or Scotland.

All of the regions of the UK have plenty to recommend them, so it’s really just a matter of working out what sort of holiday experience that you’d like to have on your mini-break.

We’ve put together a bit of a brainstorm to help you narrow down your shortlist.

Looking for food experiences? Try Sussex and Kent
Looking for dramatic coastlines? Try Cornwall
Looking for picturesque villages? Try the Cotswolds
Looking for challenging walks? Try the Lake District, Wales, and Scotland
Looking for canals and waterways? Try Norfolk