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NEW - Your own deposit payment gateway facility

Stays Bookings has now been approved to process payments on behalf of selected marketing partners through a dedicated merchant facility. In this situation you may promote your property on your own website and make booking payments directly yourself. This is an ideal mechanism for taking deposits quickly and ensuring the booking is made.

We provide you a payment gateway page, use a secure SSL URL and checkout through SAGEPAY. This is a perfect arrangement for anybody who wishes

to take deposits themselves but may not need a full years subscription to a merchant account and high % transaction fees. You may market your property anywhere and direct guests to your dedicated payment page.

This facility comes with the option to market properties on our site as well. Only certain customers or partners can be approved for this facility and "Terms & Conditions" apply. If you are seeking your own payment facility we would love to hear from you. Please use our Contact Form. Partners

What is a Partnership?

Rental Partnerships

Stays Bookings has a number of partners including group owners, individual owners and agencies for who we undertake a number of activities. One of these is the finanicial and transactional elements of their businesses and in particular integrated payment gateways linked to merchant facilities.

Although we are an agency in our own right the collection of tools and volume of bookings processed through our systems has attracted partners with whom we work exclusively in those destinations.

The Partnerships can be all encompassing and provide a management company, for example, with its own infrastructure tailored to its business model, that generates enquiries and provides the architecture to process bookings. If you browse our site you will see via links and content we cover all aspects of the business but have particular expertise in payment and conversions.



How does it work?

Card Payment Solutions for Rentals

If you are a management, booking or marketing business that has issues with keeping abreast of technology and the rapidly changing face of payments and online solutions then you are a potential partner.

We all know mobile is here, look to book ratios are escalating and securing a booking quickly is essential. This needs a seamless customer journey, automation and credit worthiness. Implementing this in your business is essential to compete in the modern era.

This is no simple task to implement and many companies want your business and your money! They do not however look upon your business as something personal and work to improve it in partnership. This is where we are different.

If your business is threatened, growing rapidly, restricted in expansion or like the concept of business association and its benefits, we would love to hear from you.